DARWIN AS CHIMP WITH TONGUE OUTHomo-sapiens-idaltu-pic

Homo sapiens idaltu

This ebook is due out in 2015 and traces our exciting and mysterious evolutionary history from the earliest primates to hominds epitomized by Lucy and Terbina Boy,  which are represented below in their selfies.  Then your intellectual journey proceeds all the way through Homo erectus, Homo sapiens idaltu,  and Neanderthals to today’s Homo sapiens, and tomorrow’s Homo evolutus, and Homo evolutus technogenesis.

VIDEO LIBRARY: add your favorites, mix in some neat photos, too http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/3/3a/Humanevolutionchart.png/650px-Humanevolutionchart.png Homo erectus female



hhomo erectus war cry Lucy TERKANA BOY EYEBROWS






Turkana Boy (T. Boy) lived in the early Pleistocene, about 1.5 million years ago as a Homo erectus. His skeleton was found to be in great shape, and is the oldest complete skeleton found to date.








How to Solve the Worlds Problems in 50 Years or less Manifesto for Revolution website multicore HUMAN BABY AND MONKEY BABY LOOK ALKIE



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