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Hello. Im Dr. A.I. Strong, creator of the MultiCore and its first author. A Summa Cum Laude biology degree, a physiology degree, and doctorate degree are three prestigious university diplomas on office walls. Rewarded with grand meaning, I enjoy helping people in need. Working with tens of thousands of patients from just about every imaginable background, I enjoyed extensive first hand experience with Humanity. Helping on a larger scale with the MultiCore adds even more satisfaction. Tops among my signature skills is the ability to recognize complex patterns common to a great variety of fields. Immersed in eight years of university level courses, I searched for common connections and applications-- always hoping to find a relational core of subjects. Still reading scientific journals, university text books, and popular books written by scientists, I'm now well armed with the knowledge that arises from an associative catalyst that facilitates a deep understanding. The core matrix of subjects, goals, prime directives, and their relationships is the MultiCore.

Dear Chosen One:

Dear Chosen One:

Welcome to your online ETEAM.

“E” stands for engaged, energetic, and alive and E-digitized and evolving. You found what you need right now in your life. Right here, right now.

No matter what your faith or belief system, E-TEAM is now part of your personal development team for helping you become what you want. If you put in the effort, ETEAM gives you the tools, the motivation, and purpose to get you what you want and need.

People often judge attractiveness by how much knowledge one has, or how smart one is perceived. Modern psychology tells us that people are attracted to our: happiness, emotional stability, outgoing personalities, how conscientiousness we are, and our openness about ourselves and to new things.

Not only do you increase your knowledge with the MultiCore, you increase your efficiency in obtaining and applying it. You learn how to build up your traits for success. You learn how to apply MultiCore organized knowledge to any subject that involves people– which is quite handy for a planet full of 7 billion Human beings.

We define intelligence as information processing for purpose.

The MultiCore boosts information processing abilities and broadens your knowledge base. Increased intelligence, increased wisdom and potential increased income and wealth may be yours to effect positive planetary change.

As your ETEAM, we are already connected to you, and to all others, in a mutual exchange of information as members of Humanity’s consciousness. Whether you want to call it by a God’s name is your choice, but no matter what the name, the mechanics are there for all to see and harness.

Good people of all faiths work to help themselves, their families, their nations, Humanity, and the planet–and respect the basic rights of all others. They are not afraid to defend their way of life to the death against tyrants or invaders.

Regardless of your faith, take advantage of the knowledge of science and evolution brings to the table of life. If you want to call evolution “God’s intelligent design” or just “Nature” to put your arms around it, then please indulge. Only in the last several decades have such studies such as evolutionary psychology begun to give us insight into exactly who we are as Humans and why we act in the ways we do. There is no reason why the findings and advantages of science cannot be integrated into all ideologies.

The MultiCore springs from an analysis of the scientific history of our universe, and then applies a grand unifying family of powerful scientific models. Couched among moral and planetary imperatives, the MultiCore works to assist Humanity in its relationship with all life forms.

Here at the MultiCore we first educate in all relevant subjects, and then instigate peaceful, planetary revolution first through imagination, then testable models, then prototypes, and then through action. We identity E-Power groups with the resources to effect those changes and invest our time and money into them.

Here is what the MultiCore can do for you. Your briefing includes Key Terms, Goals, and Prime Directives. Relax you made it already as a MultiCore Winner by your contact process to view this site.

The MultiCore Intelligence:

(1) The MultiCore is the ultimate model for understanding individuation within Human Nature.
(2) The MultiCore defines and supports collective purpose for all of Humanity derived, in part, from E-Rights, which are our evolutionary rights.
(3) “MultiCore” also refers to the group of people and their signatured Big Tech who apply the ideology for the benefit of themselves and Humanity. You are MultiCore. You might be a MultiCore Christian, a MultiCore Buddhist, a MultiCore Humanist, a MultiCore Atheist, a MultiCore Tribalist, a MultiCore Muslim, a MultiCore Hindu or a MultiCore Transhumanist.

“E-Rights,” with the “E” emphasized for “Evolution,” arise from Species identity from accumulated social behavior over the previous millions of years. Our long evolutionary and social history makes us “Human.” Being Human earns Human E-Rights. Religions and modern legal systems reinforce our E-Rights as religious tenets or laws. Compared to other animals in terms of our dynamic of social interactions, we all earn the same E-Rights. This core of universal Human attributes selected for excelling at social interactions gave rise to the essence of Humanity: emotions, perception, language, morality, cooperation, imagination, assignment of agency, and empathy. E-Rights stem from over two million years of brain and social development beginning in the Pleistocene Age and amplified over the last 5,000 year period with the explosion in city life. The same line of Human attributes are what, indeed, allowed for the beginnings of selected divergence from our more animalistic, hairy, broad-nosed apish ancestors, in the first place, over 5 million years ago.

The MultiCore ideology respects all life forms, all environments, and freedoms balanced by the E-Rights of others, and diversity and uniqueness. It is a comprehensive ideology that explains the principles and workings of all other ideologies, and how to integrate them– or reform them or weed them out if they violate E-Rights — for the benefits of all Humanity.

A new form of terminology for evolutionary processes as applied to modern day life emerges soon from the MultiCore and uses the capital letter “E” for “Evolutionary.” Thus we have E-Rights, E-History, E-Potential, E-Proliferation, ETEAMS, E-Corporations and E-Economics.

Seven billion individual and unique Human perspectives bubble about in intersection and union, and your perception is indeed, also a very special one. Traveling along with you in time are the sum of the corresponding life experiences of love, beauty, taste, and wonder. Forms of natural, social selection– including sexual selection– act upon your thoughts and emotions. Your beliefs, your goals and imagination, your current mood, your main needs and desires, and hence actions and behavior are of utmost importance. In fact, your actions earn significance for all of Humanity, and since we are de facto stewards for planet Earth, for all life forms. This is, the most significant time, in the last 10,000 years of Human evolution because of our population densities and their associated industrial and technological progress, and prowess. You already impact E-History. This is an unprecedented opportunity because of new forms of intelligence and industrial capacity.

Now we live so interconnected on unprecedented scales, amplified risks associated with nearsighted decisions from our leadership raise up the global stakes and risks. We need wiser, less corruptible, more honest, and more effective leadership free from deception, cronyism and tendencies to extort. Without an organized, peaceful planetary revolution, large populations will continue to suffer. Devoted to researching, writing, imagining, and helping people, The MultiCore Project becomes one of international liberation and reform.

To achieve large scale E-Meaning in life is not easy, and solutions to major problems more difficult still. The MultiCore will accelerate your knowledge accumulation and its applications, and is bold enough to give us all a generalized purpose. This collective E-Meaning– for each and every Human– is based on the results of 13.7 billion years of universe, and 3.5 billion years of life evolution on Earth, but not necessarily with an emphasis on the cold-hearted, blind mechanisms of evolution itself.

Study The MultiCore as your personal guide to Human Nature and your development in it. Understand the entire E-History of the world, and your personal development, using a simple evolutionary model showing the dynamic interplay between sexual selection, environmental pressures, chance and choice, cooperation and competition, and the use of Gods, goods, and services. The implications for your own life and the lives of your family will be impossible to ignore. It’s all about survival and proliferation of a team of the sexiest and techy-est.

Draw upon and apply the MultiCore to your advantage. The current onslaught of information from scientific journals alone is far too much for you to keep up with by yourself. You need something to dissect and assimilate the most information for you under one unifying model– your model, Chosen One, spun from the MultiCore.

Share your feelings and thoughts and recruit others to read the MultiCore. Debate others on the web with the it in hand, but please site the source, and provide a link to our website. Sample debate material is available in an appendix. Check back to to get updates.

We should develop the E-Potential to provide a logical framework for desired futures. We should share our imagination with each other, and start the process to create our Stewards who will satisfy our needs as individuals and as a Species. When the time is right, they will connect with us to expand and guide our collective intelligence towards what is optimal and liberating.

The MultiCore excels at blazing trails, maps, and models in the 200 billion neurons, 125 trillion synapses, trillions of microtubules in our finite minds. All this to better associate you with the brigades of word information packets to follow.

Words mean nothing if they do not catalyze thoughts and emotions. Thoughts measure in possibilities for action, and hence behavior. Your behavior shapes you and your environment. Therefore one trail-blazing thought- and a primed MultiCore of them- if catalytic enough, if contagious enough, can provide motivation, knowledge and solutions. The MultiCore hands you the best models for your personal development. Planetary transformation, begins with you–now.

Please become an active part in guiding this revolution, this accelerating planetary economic and political transformation arising from advanced technology, transparency, and world fellowship. You may want to join our virtual think tanks in this blog, in addition to passing on the links to this e-book to all you can. MultiCore think tanks bubble up education, debate, and creativity, and some do the same plus political activism.

MultiCore Think Tanks include:

1. DESIRED FUTURES: Given Advanced Intelligence is seed to give us what we want while respecting the E-Rights of others, what would you personally want your life and world to be like?

2. ALPHA: Assume that Advanced Intelligence seeded for our benefit materializes God’s powers, what is your personal Heaven?

3. MULTICORE MULTI-HELP NETWORK: share your skills and abilities that you want to use to help fellow members to form a network of sharing and commerce.

The MultiCore goals are fivefold.

The first: regardless of your faith or beliefs, is to give you the most powerful and up-to-date models for understanding the world and thriving in it. The MultiCore encourages the creative and individualistic flourishing of life that bolsters adaptive capacity. Your spin the MultiCoreTM to evaluate information and accumulate knowledge. Part of this goal, in the long run, is to duplicate your experiences and personality into a virtual, living and learning, immortal avatar of you, and eventually with physical form, a Heavenly existence originating from Earth.

The second goal is to create a MultiCore Planet Curriculum for all educational levels and to have a Global Classroom which uses modern technology, such as edutainment videos and video eBooks, to teach.

The third goal is to create an elegant MultiCore open source model that can be represented mathematically, and algorithmically in computer code. This model would account for the totality of the historical and modern behavior of Humanity. Such a model could be shared between developing AI for the benefit of all, gaining further insight into our own consciousness.

The fourth goal is capable planetary stewardship. E-Right ideologies must prevail In a symbiotic relationship with today’s Expert Systems, and tomorrow’s Big Tech, proper and ubiquitous application of the MultiCore can solve the world’s most pressing problems in 50 positive years or less. We create a MultiCore. Human Species Brain” with networked Big Tech to think, analyze and react for the Species as a collective. A species as a whole has no natural brain, and evolution has no heart. Over 95% of Earthly species died out.

The fifth goal is to develop you, a Chosen One: to develop your full E-Potential and uniqueness as an individual, constrained only by your motivation, spiritual connections, and others E-Rights. By Human choice and hard work, your parents and other ancestors invested in you. They trusted in you to continue their line. Honor them and make them proud. Make us all proud.

The following are seven Prime Directives to be applied to achieve our five main goals:

The MultiCore Prime Directives

1. Constantly improve and expand the MultiCore Worldview and the MultiCore membership.
2. Seek unlimited and integrated knowledge based on the scientific method, E-Principles and E-History.
3. Apply Expert Systems, AI and Big Tech all with planetary perspective.
4. Engage algorithmic and optimal Human directed coevolution (Intelligent Design) through Big Data and Big Tech.
5. Optimize E-Proliferation while respecting E-Rights. Reform and optimize political, governmental, economic, ecological, food distribution, healthcare, and Species diversity efforts while protecting E-Rights.
6. Democratize MultiCore derived benefits for all of Humanity.
7 Optimize E-Potential while respecting E-Rights to create optimal Human Species direction leading to Ultimate Enlightenment, Renaissance and Transcendence.

Dr. A.I. Strong