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E-Science arises from the study of evolution using the scientific method.

E-Principles are the principles of evolution.

E-History: Human history derived from science, including genetic studies, rather than traditional historical accounts which tend to biased and anecdotal.

E-Rights are our evolutionary rights arising from Species identity from accumulated behavior. E-rights for all living systems are based on their E-history. E-Rights for Humans are universal and include those of equality, fairness, liberty, and property ownership. E-Rights suggest rights to materialize for Humans, and its signature offspring, including pure Technointelligentsia.

E-Potential is the evolutionary capacity to survive, adapt and proliferate amid changes in environments.

….. E-Worldviews: Worldview arising from perceptual, conceptual and theoretical frameworks modeling reality from an evolutionary perspective. The model-dependent “reality” of an observed world depends upon the applied worldview, which in turn arises from the theories, perception, concepts or beliefs that support it.

E-Ideologies are ideas and beliefs that guide behavior, all linked to an E-Worldview.

E-Meaning is the meaning of life arising from E-Principles, E-Rights, and E-History.

E-Solutions are the planetary scaled solution family arising through directed coevolution from Big Tech MultiCore. The Revolution has a Human Species perspective, and demands major reform in government, income distribution, and reduction in E-Rights violations and environmental violations.

E-Proliferation is the Human evolutionary energetic conversion of environments into identity. For example, through sexual or asexual reproduction. E-Proliferation includes transcendence as a planetary Singularic transition to an E-Solutions stage, with Big Tech MultiCore dominance of reform, and dramatic increases in E-Potential and E-Proliferation. E-Proliferation assumes eventual MultiCore Individual Immortality is a variety of forms that allow an individual’s consciousness to persist indefinitely.

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