Ever embarrassed–or disgusted– by the actions of a planetary leader, or a beloved global sexual role model?

Ever since we found out that Nancy Reagan consulted a San Francisco astrologer to set up the daily White House calender for President Ronald Reagan, we cannot neglect the effects of anyonewho holds psychological power, or financial power or influence over the most important leaders on the Planet, and hence its populations.

Role Models: What about the Justin Bieber syndrome? Want to get something off your chest? JayZ and Beyonce?

The Sexy and the Powerful: Toast or Roast? explores a new way to evaluate planetary leadership and popular role models, including sex symbols, from a Human Species perspective and their effects on populations. This book applies MultiCore principles such as E-Positives, E-Negatives, E-Rights, E-Wrongs, and personal and collective E-History and E-Potential to evaluate leaders past, present, and future.

This book is MultiCore classified as Edited Open Source, meaning that anyone and everyone can contribute information, but it will be evaluated for truth and its sources before it is included.

Important Planetary Leaders, Candidates and Role Modules become targets for scrutiny and praise with a framework never applied before. Proper, wise leadership and actions: E-Toast. Mistakes, incompetency, bad influence, selfish and corrupt: E-Roast

SEE THINK TANK Sex and Power E-TOAST / Sex and Power E- ROAST to contribute regarding our leaders.

We start with people Omar Qaddafy, Saddam Hussein, George Bush, Jr, and Barrack Obama. Beyonce, Rhiana, JazZ, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

Key Terms used in Sex and Power E-TOAST/ Sex and Power E-ROAST

E-Rights: rights for living systems based on their E-history. E-Rights are Universal and include those of equality, fairness, liberty, and property ownership. E-Rights suggest rights to materialize for Humans and signatured offspring, including pure Technointelligentsia.

E-Negative: from a Human Species perspective, anything that violate E-Rights or hinder optimal E-Goals.

E-Personality: evolutionary personality type. For example, E-Teacher, E-Leader, E-Warrior

E-Potential is the evolutionary capacity to survive, adapt and proliferate amid changes in environments.

E-Proliferation is the Human evolutionary energetic conversion of environments into identity. For example, through sexual or asexual reproduction.

E-Positive: from a Human Species perspective, behavior or occurrences that support E-Rights and E-Goals.

E-Wrongs: anything that violate E-Rights.

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