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Book Title: E-TEAM: How to Build Ultimate Winning Teams
Book Publishing Iterations: Quarterly
Book Start Date: September 2014

Consulting E-TEAM Services available in 2015


From sophisticated International Mega-Corporations to Mom and Pop’s relationships and businesses, universal patterns for long-term success arise from a complex dynamic of:

1. Learned skills
2. Perceived opportunities
2. Appropriate resource allocation and availability
3. Elements of innovation or uniqueness
4. Personality matching and complementary characteristics of all key team members
5. Mindsets that meet motivation, dedication, and persistence demands
6. Strong social networking
7. Favorable chance fluctuations which include the actions– or inaction– of competitors, governments, finance institutions, and key team members.

Sharing a scientific synopsis and integration of the five most successful team building models of all time, E-TEAM illuminates their common themes and patterns. E-TEAM performs a unifying synthesis by weaving in Darwinian adaptive strategies derived from the ultimate winners on Planet Earth: the surviving living systems we see today. After 3.5 billions of years of constant battle with each other and the harsh, unforgiving environments we call Nature, only 5% of Species survived. They won– we won– and we can learn from them, and from a closer look at ourselves. We need to examine ourselves through history illuminated by science and the principles of evolution to see who we really are, and how to form a successful team for any purpose. With modern technology, globalization, and resources, with E-TEAM and E-COACH we elevate our potential to nearly unimaginable levels.

There are approximately 7 billion evolved Human Beings, and it would come as no surprise that the principles of evolution best account for our behavior, and our environments. Only in the past few decades have such studies such as evolutionary psychology, behavioral psychology and behavioral economics begun to show us our true nature in our daily interactions. Yet we need to understand Human Nature, and our complex social and economic dynamic, that reveal our infestation of “Brain Bugs” that often lead to irrational, short-sighted, and selfish behavior that cripples us on our race to success. Very few teamwork models take advantage of these powerful universal Darwinian principles that ultimately define all winners and losers.

E-TEAM applies personal and group forms of a powerful systems called E_COACH and E-TRAIN to catalyze winning teams from scratch– or to take control over existing teams– and evolve them through a selection process to become formidable competitors.

E-COACH offers the best methods for team conception, human and technological resource development, and individual and team navigation and learn.

Success and fulfillment come from the dynamic E-TEAM evolution that can only arise from experiences of competition and cooperation. With personalized models of unique evaluation and compatibility analysis, E-Coach adapts your current personnel, and suggested new personnel, to your E-TEAM needs. An array of simultanesous sub-teams and sub-goals diversifies and liberates, encouraging innovation, feelings of control, and significance. Winning becomes easier, enjoyable and automatic.

The E-TEAM model works within the Universal Contexts of: Business, Corporation, Couples, Family, Sports, Church, Political Groups, Think Tanks, Social Media, Government, Military Groups, Nations, and National Alliances, Planetary Alliances, and any other team.

Key MultiCore Terms for E-TEAM and E-COACH:

E-COACH: teacher of E-Principles, trainer and adviser for action.

E-Competition: struggle between opposing forces for any resource, including money, love, praiseworthiness, status, and perceived fitness.

E-Cooperation: E-Teamwork for common purpose and goals.

E-Principles: the Principles of Evolution. Sexual Selection, Natural Selection, Competition, and Cooperation are major E-Principles that apply to Human ideology and behavior.

E-TEAM: coordinated effort to achieve goals from an evolutionary perspective

E-Proliferation: Energetic conversion of environments into identity to satisfy desire, needs or purpose.

Summary: E-TEAM harnesses the tremendous power of E-Competition and E-Cooperation, and all other E-Principles of Darwinian Sexual and Natural Selection of living systems to help any team be successful and satisfy their personal and collective needs and goals.

Universal Contexts: Management, Co-workers,
Couples, Family, Friends,Teachers and Students,
Church members, Sports teammates,
Social Media Networks, Virtual Gaming Teams,
Clubs, Military, Police, Fire Personnel, Governments,
States, Nations, International Alliances, AI Networks,
Human-AI Networks and Any Other Team
That Involves Human Behavior.

Contact E-TEAM MULTICORE: for more information.



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