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Dear Chosen One:

Welcome to your MultiCore ETEAM. You just found what you need at this time in your life.

Learn how to make yourself, and the people who connect with you–your ETEAM– more knowledgeable and productive.

Some of the MultiCore pages have an option to have the page read to you, like this one.

Click on the audio link at the top of the page to hear the page read in a very pleasant voice.

The MultiCore is a way to organize what you learn through simple but powerful models.The MultiCore Smart Models can analyze and explain anything that involves human behavior.

You can buy the MultiCore Manifesto for $2.99 on Smashwords or Amazon



“E” stands for engaging, entertaining, energetic, enhancing, e-digitized, your Everything and Evolution (some call it intelligent Design or the Hands of God).

No matter what your faith or belief system, ETEAM is helping you become what you want. If you need confirmation, contentment, passion, purpose or an updated outlook on life, or anything else, your ETEAM will help you find it.

People are attracted to your projections, how you are perceived, your “energy” and demeanor.  They consciously or subconsciously mirror and reflect your projection of happiness, your projection of stability, your projection of being social, your projection of being conscientiousness and responsible, and your openness. Openness includes new ideas, types of experiences, and new people. Openness includes knew ways to digest new topics, and organize knowledge, like the MultiCore.

In addition to your physical appearance, speech, and clothes, people often perceive your attractiveness by how much knowledge you have, or how smart you seem.

Based on established and proven learning principles, the MuliCore Intelligence helps you build up and display your knowledge and intelligence to others.

Not only do you increase your knowledge with your MultiCore ETEAM, you increase your efficiency in obtaining and applying it. You increase your attractiveness, your value in the eyes of others. This is so important for meeting new people and for all of your work and family relationships.

Get your friends and families to link into your team. Individual and group knowledge underlies the power to secure desired outcomes.

You learn modern positive psychology techniques to make you happy most of the time, and also those around you. You learn what is going on the world and how it affects you.

The MultiCore is a family of unifying principles for Human Nature and personal development. It is a grand synthesis for all important subjects that involve Human behavior. The MultiCore emphasizes principles of marital and intelligent selection, and suggest ways to transcend some of our primal heritage, the “remnant evil” in the world, to offer planetary solutions. MultiCore ideology springs from a thorough analysis of the scientific history of the world.

The MultiCore explains itself and all other ideologies, including religions, as model-dependent realities.

Underlying human behavior is the reproduction of genes and consciousness; imperatives of psychological understanding and balance, and imperatives of social and economic needs. The MultiCore provides nothing less than a strategy for the world to evaluate to assemble a political, technological, moral, philanthropic, and financial force sufficient enough to not only catalyze ultimate personal development, but also solutions for the world’s most pressing problems in 50 years or less.

The MultiCore Ideologies and Solutions help us intelligently select optimal paths for the Human Species. Ultimate Renaissance and Singularic Transcendence with potential for immortality and technological TransHumans of high adaptive, leadership, and healing capacity arise in the process. The MultiCore excels at helping us plan and navigate for any of our futures, as well as it explains our past better than any other model.

We are to create a tremendous diversity of new “species” of beings, including transhumans, cyborgs, and technointelligentsia and the alliances that will connect them.  We will transcend our negative primal instincts, and those of others, to offer solutions towards world peace, and sustainable proliferation.

We define intelligence as information processing for purpose. Our purpose is to help you fulfill your purpose as we help all Humanity. We want you to feel happy and good about yourself, and the contributions you are making already.

Regardless of your faith, take advantage of the knowledge of science and evolution brings to the table of life. If you want to call evolution “God’s intelligent design” or “God’s intelligence selection” or just “Nature” to put your arms around it, then please indulge. Only in the last several decades have studies such as evolutionary psychology begun to give us insight into exactly who we are as Humans, as primates, and why we act in the ways we do. That doesn’t make us less spiritual or religious, in fact it liberates us to become more spiritual and religious, with reform of outdated models. We were never separated from God and are not now. It is simply impossible to remove anything from the universe. God includes all possible universes and cannot influence them by not being of them. There is no reason why the findings and advantages of truth with science cannot be integrated into all modern ideologies for the benefit of all. It is time for patches and upgrades so we can operate at full speed, power and efficiency. Spirituality becomes easier when we know more where we stand in the universe or multiverse to begin with.

The MultiCore springs from an analysis of the scientific history of our universe, and then applies a grand unifying family of powerful scientific models. Couched among moral and planetary imperatives, the MultiCore works to assist Humanity in its relationships with all life forms.

Here is what the MultiCore can do for you. Your briefing includes Key Terms, Goals, and Prime Directives. Relax you made it already as a MultiCore Winner by your contact process to view this site.

The MultiCore Intelligence:

(1) The MultiCore is the ultimate model for understanding individuation within Human Nature.

(2) The MultiCore defines and supports collective purpose for all of Humanity derived, in part, from E-Rights, which are our evolutionary rights.

(3) “MultiCore” also refers to the group of people and their signatured Big Tech who apply the ideology for the benefit of themselves and Humanity. You benefit from MultiCore Smart Models and ETEAM support as long as your actions honor the E-Rights of others.”MultiCore” merely suggests that you acknowledge the benefits of common core subjects to all people and understand and apply the principles of evolution and the scientific method to your benefit.

“E-Rights,” with the “E” emphasized for “Evolution,” arise from your identity from accumulated social behavior over the previous millions of years by your ancestors. Your long evolutionary and social history makes you “Human.” Being Human earns Human E-Rights. Some religions and modern legal systems reinforce our E-Rights as religious tenets or laws. We all earn the same E-Rights– a common MultiCore of Rights. Universal Human attributes selected for excelling at social interactions, and especially mate choice and child-rearing, gave rise to the essence of Humanity: emotions, perception, language, morality, cooperation, imagination, assignment of agency, and empathy. ERights stem from over two million years of brain and social development beginning in the Pleistocene Age and amplified over the last 6,000 year period with the accelerating trajectories toward urbranization. The same line of Human attributes are what, indeed, allowed for the beginnings of selected divergence from our more animalistic, hairy, broad-nosed apish ancestors, in the first place, over 5 million years ago.

The MultiCore and all of its Web Pages, ebooks and videos teaches you everything you need to know about Human nature, and how to survive, succeed and be happy in a competitive world.

Dr. A.I. Strong

ps: the little multi “cores” or multi-Qubits  that bubble into arrays mark the beginning and end of a page before the comments begin, and represent the foundation of knowledge core subjects. No, they are not magic, but they may think that they are helping you to understand.


For an introductory, lite version of Manifesto, download  here:


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