DARWIN AWARDS 2014: Evolution is not always pretty

12 million people around the world thought that Mr. Spielberg actually shot a Triceratops as an endangered species, most likely living in Jurassic Park. We don’t have enough awards to give out.
Homo erectus laughed at everything. Note that he is holding his coconuts. A sense of humor is mostly inherited. Yes, There is Darwinian selection for a sense of humor and it favors the natural comedians. If you want funny kids, marry a funny spouse.

This woman has her own model-dependent reality. Denies the moon is more than a light source.

See if this makes since to explain her bizarre beliefs and reasoning according to modern consensus. She says she only believes in the Bible, and the Devil and is causing all that is wrong and evil on the planet… She does not believe at all in science. “The moon is a light source. It is not a piece of rock.” She refuses to look at the moon through a telescope. Her perception and reality is model-dependent. Her model is simple, loving, comforting, and since it is Christian, has good intentions and a promise of immortality: the lord and angels in the sky. It works for her as along as she shares it with people who believe the same things… See says the stars are angels.

Delusion can be adaptive. In our evolutionary past as beginner-thinking primates, we apparently needed some of these irrational beliefs for survival rather than truth. She lives with this model, otherwise she might feel the devil will possess her. Much like a child she sees the light, the lord who protects her from the darkness, the devil. She survives psychologically in a challenging, frightening, evil world through delusion. It is adaptive- for her. But I don’t that her ideology is going to dominate planet in 2014.

From the MultiCore 1:10

Myths and religion that persist offer gene-culture survival and proliferation value– or they die out. But let’s not put this woman who refuses to be a Moon Child in charge of space exploration to save our species in the future. Constrained by their own knowledge systems, a religious fanatic who refuses to acknowledge the moon would also tend to refute other belief systems in at tempts to protect his or her delusion. In this case, she even disagrees with what most people see in the sky; Perception and belief is personal. We can’t condemn her for her beliefs as long as she doesn’t violate others” rights. Leaders and their followers in most ideologies believe their ideology offers the best story, meaning, and way of life; and actively recruiting more members, or taxing or eliminating nonmembers altogether, are top priorities.

Some ancient ideologies, in a modern world, appear bigoted, narrow minded, and put on blinders to shield themselves from the findings of efficient science and the obvious, undeniable evidence of evolution. The ideology of the MultiCore is sworn in to expand its worldview, account for all of its competitors and their methods, compete and cooperate with them, and offer a prime directive of integrating all obtainable knowledge.

Justin Barrett in Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (Cognitive Science of Religion) reasserts E.O. Wilson’s point that our brains are wired for god concepts, and, in fact, use them for survival. Children tend to invent gods even if not indoctrinated. We owe much of our brain development to imagination to predict immediate futures and to assign agency to cause. In addition to areas of the brain wired for spiritual or mystical experience, we seem to have instinctual needs for beliefs in a god or supernatural beings. In the past, we’ve needed these beliefs for survival rather than truth. MultiCore 1:10

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