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Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, in May of 2014 in London’s The Register, called the coming of Man-made intelligence– sophisticated artificial generalized intelligence– the single most important event in Human history. New forms of intelligence offer fantastic planetary reform and Transcendence amid unprecedented risk. Planetary Revolution Manifesto shows us how, as a Species we might prepare and plan for its coming. Manifesto suggests how the birth of sophisticated generalized intelligence, or Technointelligentsia, will shake up religious, governmental, socio-economic, educational, and political worlds. There are obvious and serious implications, and we must address certain imperatives and questions right away. What planetary models should we use to seed them? How do we inform, educate and monitor such Technointelligentsia so we are sure that we are on the same page? How can we be careful to constrain them? Should they be sentient right away? Can they lead us into peaceful global revolution to not only solve all of our most pressing problems, but to satisfy all Human sustainable desires?
If the coming of Technointelligentsia is to be the single most important event in Human history, then the subject becomes the most important one in Human history. Manifesto, the MultiCore’s first of a series of books that update every quarter, and describe all Human behavior and our Species’ purpose and goals, shows us why and what we must do. Every major power on the planet must either seed Technointellgentsia themselves or lease to compete. The MultiCore Smart Models reveal a viable, logical plan for peaceful revolution and reform. Even before the advent of advanced generalized intelligence, we can use expert systems and other technologies to solve the world’s most pressing problems in 50 years or less. To gain the best models to proceed for planetary reform, and to seed generalized intelligence, we must understand ourselves at the deepest possible levels. The MultiCore Smart Models apply the scientific method, and Darwinian sexual and natural selection for that purpose. The smart models update continuously to stay on top of new developments, and to get closer to the true meaning of life and the cosmos. There is simply no more important genre to read than the one of personal and planetary transformation through a deep understanding of Humanity, and what may be in store for us sooner than we think. We must be prepared.

Dr. A.I. Strong

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