E-HEALTH explores our health from an evolutionary perspective.

Darwinian universal principles of sexual selection and natural selection and the physiology that arises from them leads us to what is undoubtedly the most accurate account of complete, holistic Human Health.

A hodgepodge of glued-on gradations, our long bug infested E-History that includes the likes of our inner fish, our inner amphibian, our inner reptile, mammal, running primate, and our ancient Human shows all of our inherent strengths and weaknesses. We welcome our current adaptation and advancement to TransHumanity, and the health benefits that it brings to compete, survive, reproduce and age gracefully in a world full of health hazards and food choices that constantly work against us.

EHEALTH is updated quarterly with the findings of modern science.

The first addiction: the warmth of the sun.



Ebola from Monkey Meat: 99 percent genetic similarity increases risk of transference of virus.

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