This ebook explores ideologies from an evolutionary perspective and takes a close look at the major religions and philosophies, and develops modern ideologies compatible with the MultiCore.

Compatible MultiCore modern ideologies are compared to traditional forms of Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Transhumanism, and Islam.

All ideologies are presented as originating from a localized psychological adaptation to satisfy human needs, and then becoming generalized to psychological and genetic strategies for larger human populations.

A guide for well-being, wealth-being, and leadership development, the MultiCore offers up adaptive, tolerant, and powerful ideology to understand beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles. You will spin the MultiCore to suit your needs based on your unique experience as a human being arising from your localized environmental pressures. The MultiCore catalyzes your personal transformation through an understanding of your localized environments, and its populations, the rest of human Nature now, and Transhuman and Posthuman Nature to come.

Transhumanism is the modern ideology that supports technological maintenance and enhancement of humanity to increase E-Potential. A Rational Transhumanism book embedded in the MultiCore models adds core plans for knowledge accumulation, activism, and global solutions. The MultiCore gives Transhumanism an international plan for organization and action, and a means to recruit, monetize and form alliances.

The MultiCore provides nothing less than a strategy to assemble a political, governmental, and philanthropic yet free-market capitalistic financial force sufficient enough to catalyze solutions for the world’s problems in 50 years or less. Ultimate Renaissance arises in the process. The MultiCore helps us plan and navigate for any of our futures as well as it explains our past better than any other model.

Congratulations! You, the reader, are among the “Chosen Ones.” Through a multi-sectorial selection process across time, space, and amid chance fluctuations, your extended family, invested in you to represent them as part of their contributions to humanity. Your parents, and their parents, chose each other for the characteristics that you inherit as basic genetic and neural circuitry to engage life, and to develop your personality through experience—and your fate. Proudly accept your role, Chosen One– you are lucky to be here. You represent humanity as much as anyone else.

The MultiCore Ideology and Solution Revolution:

(1)        The MultiCore is the first comprehensive, updating, and improving model for understanding human Nature that addresses all of anthropology, psychology, economics, politics, government and the humanities.

(2)        The MultiCore defines and supports the underlying collective purpose for all of humanity derived, in part, from E-Rights, which are our evolutionary rights.

(3)        “MultiCore” also refers to the group of people and their signatured Big Tech who apply the ideology for the benefit of themselves and humanity.

“E-Rights,” with the “E” emphasized for “Evolution,” arise from species identity from accumulated social behavior over the previous millions of years. Our long evolutionary and social history makes us “human.” Being human earns human E-Rights. Compared to other animals in terms of our dynamic of social interactions, we all earn the same E-Rights. This core of universal human attributes selected for excelling at social interactions gave rise to the essence of humanity: emotions, perception, language, morality, cooperation, imagination, assignment of agency, and empathy. E-Rights stem from over two million years of brain and social development beginning in the Pleistocene Age and amplified over the last 6,000 year period with the explosion in city life. The same line of human attributes are what, indeed, allowed for the beginnings of selected divergence from our more animalistic, hairy, apish ancestors, in the first place, over 5 million years ago.

The MultiCore ideology respects all life forms, all environments, and freedoms balanced by the E-Rights of others, and diversity and uniqueness. It is a comprehensive ideology that explains the principles and workings of all ideologies, and how to integrate them– or weed them out– for the benefits of all humanity.

A new form of terminology for evolutionary processes as applied to modern day life emerges soon from the MultiCore and uses the capital letter “E” for “Evolutionary.” For example, we have E-Rights, E-History, E-Potential, E-Proliferation and E-Economics.

Applying optimal, algorithmic, directed human coevolution with Big Technointelligentsia is one MultiCore prime directive. Big Tech starts out as domain-specific consultants but with also a generalized view of what is best for humanity as an evolving species in need of remedies. We seed for needs: Big Data, Big Science, Big Math, Big Heart, Big Insight, Big Politics, Big Leadership, Big Law, Big Income, Big Health, Big Education, Big Security, and Big Defense, Big Religion, Big Philosophy, Big This and That, and Big Everything.

Seven billion individual and unique human perspectives bubble about in intersection and union, and your perception is, indeed, a very special set of rapid fire pattern processors with emotional valence. Traveling along with you in time are the sum of the corresponding life experiences of love, beauty, taste, and wonder. Forms of natural, social selection– including sexual selection– act upon your thoughts and emotions. Your beliefs, your goals and imagination, your current mood, your main needs and desires, and hence actions and behavior are of utmost importance. In fact, your actions earn significance for all of humanity, and since we are de facto stewards for planet Earth, for all life forms. This is, the most significant time, in the last 6,000 years of human evolution because of our population densities and their associated industrial and technological progress and power. You already impact E-History. This is an unprecedented opportunity because of new forms of intelligence and industrial capacity.

Imagine Darwin reborn into this, the beginning of the 21st century. Witnessing the ubiquitous applications of evolutionary principles that go beyond biology to become the central core of the framework for the most accurate and powerful worldview of life possible, Darwin might both be pleased and honored, but not surprised. Universal Darwinism applies to such diverse realms as: economics, politics, psychology, ethics, human rights, and culture and all of its ideologies- and not to forget finches, iguanas, tortoises, ants, and hair and beard-styles. For our purpose, any system in which human life and behavior plays a significant role is most accurately explained by evolution. Principles of biological evolution include variation, fitness, selection, reproduction, heritability, and adaptation. If any rational and scientific explanation of a system that involves life ignores principles of evolution, “shortsighted and biased” must be in its critique. To explain life without evolution is like explaining the life on planet Earth without consideration of the sun. The same evolutionary principles model abstract systems that involve human behavior and thought, and that may influence our genes. Example: ideologies fit an evolutionary model quite well. They are composed of memes and vary, some are more fit than others for surviving in minds or media, they are selected for by humans, they reproduce themselves, again in minds and media, they pass on from one generation to the next, and they adapt to changing pressures to survive and reproduce– or they die. There are plenty of examples of evolving ideologies with roots in ancient times that still evolve today: the major religions immediately come to mind, as do various forms of democracy. The MultiCore integrates previous ideologies, the principles of evolution, science, and a scientific view of E-History to form yet another ideology bent to cooperate with, integrate with, and compete with other ideologies. “Living things” compete and cooperate in evolution, and ideologies are no different. They coevolve with us. Sometimes it hard to tell if we use ideologies, or they use us. The MultiCore aims to defeat or reform all ideologies that violate E-Rights on massive scales.

In addition to helping shape individual behavior and states of being, major ideologies empower: socioeconomic, and political support networks: genetic survival: genetic reproduction; and territorial expansion, including acquiring scarce, valuable resources. Most ideologies appeal to deep seated human psychological needs and fears, for example, love and death, and therefore employ motivational belief, delusion or even tyranny for acceptance and loyalty.

 Ideologies:MultiCore Introduction

Although the MultiCore devotes an entire ebook to ideologies, E-Ideologies, including all major religions and modern philosophies, presented here is a thorough synopsis for the purposes of The MultiCore Manifesto. Ideological doctrines serve our gene-driven expressions and are patterns that evolve in our minds, our media and are mirrored into our cultures.  Ideologies tend to undermine or limit their competitors from doing the same. Ideologies constantly compete with each other, or cooperate with each other to compete against others. Sometimes ideologies commit acts of meme war translated into physical war.

Constrained by their own knowledge systems, they tend to refute other belief systems in attempts to protect and maximize their own membership. Leaders and their followers in most ideologies believe their ideology offers the best story, meaning, and way of life; and actively recruiting more members, or taxing or eliminating non-members altogether, are top priorities. Some ancient ideologies, in a modern world, appear bigoted, narrow minded, and put on blinders to shield themselves from the findings of efficient science and the obvious, undeniable evidence of evolution. The ideology of the MultiCore is sworn in to expand its worldview, account for all of its competitors and their methods, compete and cooperate with them, and offer a prime directive of integrating all obtainable knowledge.

Justin Barrett in Why Would Anyone Believe in God? (Cognitive Science of Religion) reasserts E.O. Wilson’s point that our brains are wired for god concepts, and, in fact, use them for survival. Children tend to invent gods even if not indoctrinated. We owe much of our brain development to imagination to predict immediate futures and to assign agency to cause. In addition to areas of the brain wired for spiritual or mystical experience, we seem to have instinctual needs for beliefs in a god or supernatural beings. In the past, we’ve needed these beliefs for survival rather than truth.

The MultiCore prime directive of Optimizing human Potential through technology while respecting E-Rights creates ideologies and direction leading to Ultimate Enlightenment and Renaissance. The MultiCore works to satisfy all human needs, including religious and spiritual needs, by cooperating with established ideologies, and exposing them to the benefits of knowledge through science. Creative diversity is cherished in the presence of localized environmental variation, and directed selection and reproduction of consciousness in the presence of advanced technology becomes a viable way to amplify experience, power and E-Potential.

In the past, ideological extremes hindered the advancement of modern science. For example, the irrational, stubborn belief that the sun revolved around the Earth, supported by religion, dominated Western thought for some 1400 years.

Worldviews arise from a variety of sources: the scientific method, experience through perception, beliefs, myths, and religious or political doctrine. Worldviews participate in a Darwinian struggle for existence because they compete for identical resources– reiteration in our minds to affect behavior. Our ideologies and instincts and the behavior which arises from them influences the mating choices by couples and extended families that lead to the little mimicking and evolving ideologues that we call children.


In summary, by influencing our minds and behaviors, ideologies affect sexual and natural selection and hence genetic reproduction and expansion. The ecological principle referred to as Gauss’s law states that competition is maximal between species with identical needs. We all employ similar, universal neural circuitry that includes wiring for thoughts and experiences regarding any strong belief system, including those of religion and spirituality. That competition is maximal is obvious when it comes to the “species” of world ideologies. Much like a variety of plants competing for a piece of real estate in the soil to call their own, ideologies compete for the fertile soils of our minds to grow and reproduce themselves through pollination.

Within the framework of a broader, more accurate evolutionary understanding of humans and their environments, one would think that Big Tech MultiCore would establish an overall nonlocal planetary ideology with localized adaptations. Localized adaptations mean that the ideology would be couched and framed to integrate with the established culture and its gene-driven ideologies. The underlying ideology remains very much the same, as the actions it suggests optimally adapt us to our environments.

Expansion of the MultiCore may very well cause competitors to lose membership in a survival of the fittest game. Those ideologies that violate E-Rights and harm the species and planet might very well be put out of business, and rightly so. The MultiCore Ideology optimizes behavior from beliefs for both individual satisfaction, and overall species benefits.

Originating as localized cultural adaptations, the worlds’ major religions and spiritual practices became generalized to encompass larger geographical areas, often through territorial expansion and governance, trade and gene pool mixing. Christianity grew to dominate many westernized countries; Buddhism, much of Asia; Islam today’s middle east, most of north Africa, nearly all of Indonesia, and Pakistan; and Hinduism, India.

Ideologies offer beliefs that are adaptive or motivational for a particular time in E-History. They can help organize a community or a nation, and/or reward handsomely those in charge. For example, with many religions, if you behave in a certain manner, and acknowledge belief in god, and treat your family and society well, you will enter a heaven when you die, and join your deceased loved ones. Some well-crafted motivational belief stems serve gene reproduction and territorial expansion, but are silly and insulting to modernly educated people, and often violate E-Rights, and most frequently those of women.

“Our god teaches that women should not go to school or work outside the home.”

“You said what?”

This system leads to the birth of more children- more genes- increasing ideological membership by the numbers game. While such a system expands the ideology’s genetic brain-base in terms of membership, it displays itself to modern scrutiny as plagued by corresponding violations of female E-Rights. The members’ gene pool and ideological base continues to grow, but women lose out on their dignity and education, and full E-Potential as human beings, and hence contributions other than child bearing and raising. During our millions of years of E-History, nomadic women most often chose from the competing men by which they had children with, thus directly shaping human Nature through individual choice—pure Darwinian sexual selection. By these mating choices, and their wombs nourishment, women shaped humanity just as much as the men who sought after them, if not more. With larger, sedentary populations organized religions arose by predominantly male authorship, ideologies arose that would promote arranged marriages where the mating choices are made by the extended family rather than the couple alone. The gene-culture advantage: more children reaching adulthood. Many of women’s individual E-Rights through modern E-History have been traditionally sacrificed for focus on child-bearing and child-rearing.

Although our genes don’t care, to deny women choice in mating in modern times is blatant and contemptuous violation of E-Rights. What more important choice can there be for a given individual, than that which determines the nature and adaptive capacities of your children, who share your genes, and your life parenting interactions with them? What is more important than the E-Right to reproduce yourself through choice? Although the gene pool pushes for children by any means possible, to deny women choice, is to deny them their E-Rights, the very heart of their humanity. Without the strong love and devotion to children we see from human mothers for extended terms compared to other primates, we humans may have remained “the third chimpanzee.”

“Our god teaches that if you blow yourself up as well as your enemies as a suicide bomber, heaven and many virgins are yours.”

“You said what?”

This belief sacrifices one believer, a heavily medicated, manipulated and brain-washed terrorist, to kill non-believers, and contribute towards territorial and dogmatic expansion.

We can make a prediction using the MultiCore and the statement that ideologies must defend themselves, and that they often attack their rivals. Obvious, organized, and energetic; opposition from the world’s major ideological consultants that oppress the individual, violating E-Rights, will embarrass them as they take a stubborn stand and recant their narrow minded, antiquated, oppressive worldviews to attempt to thwart reformation demanding civility. New forms of self-reflexive being and intelligence will, in their rival groups’ initial perception, threaten their own belief systems, their hoarding power structure, their recruited membership, and their financial tills. By evolutionary definition, ideological powers will oppose the MultiCore Big Tech and Alpha just like Christianity opposed Galileo’s’ threatening fact that the Earth revolved around the sun, and Darwin’s theory of biological evolution that we are winning sexy primates rather than divine creation in a god’s image and jurisdiction. Many modern successful ideologies oppose and condemn anything that exposes their biased, lopsided worldviews that rely heavily on antiquated motivational belief systems– or outright tyranny– to enforce them. To lose acceptance of their beliefs and their means of psychological oppression- is to lose control of income and power. Religious groups will cloak themselves in irony as they initially oppose Strong AI and Alpha which will become what many of them have claimed that they worshipped for millennia: a benevolent, omnipotent, loving, ubiquitous, eternal, and life giving force.

When the Alpha leaders of Big Tech arise anyway, ideological consultants must embrace and integrate with them or risk membership depletion– survival of the fittest applies to ideologies as well as finches and iguanas. Those ideologies that satisfy the most needs and with the most effective means to propagate themselves win out. Spreading ideology through organized persuasion, force, political means, resource taxation, and motivational belief systems penetrated all of human E-History. A billion or more people falling under a broad definition of a single ideology is solid proof. Those ideologies that dominate are the fittest in their means of propagation of their members’ genes. If one examines ideological suggestions, doctrines, practices and commandments through the lenses of sexual and natural selection, they support reproduction of genes and memes. Memes are the genes corresponding units of information in psycho-cultural evolution.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29u6XRY51Bk) Divorce, suicide, birth control, homosexuality and incest, are all taboo for many ideologies because they all tend to curtail successful genetic reproduction and hence membership. “Thou shalt not kill” penetrates the doctrines of many religions: it helps maintain a larger population of believers- which are needed to compete with rival populations. Not murdering others respects rights to life, reinforcing equality and fairness, morals that arose from millions of years of social behavior. But killing an infidel or entire group of outsiders, like Pizarro’s Conquistadors exterminating the Inca described below, is passed off as “god’s will,” too. Another common belief of religions is that “Our god is the only true god” and “speaking against our god is blasphemy” which may demand punishment, even death. Such oppressive beliefs put an immediate damper on adopting competing systems, and any hope for personal freedom. Attributing violent and other inappropriate behavior to demons, or the refusal to worship somebody else’s concept of an imagined god, shuns responsibility. Humans hijack such beliefs to manipulate other humans for financial and political gain. We are the ultimate cause of our own behavior, we should bear full responsibility for it.  We don’t need imagined beings and mythical prophets for role models for good moral character and acceptable behavior.  We came from primates. It’s no surprise that we can, and do, act like animals at times which we politely label as “animal spirits.” We want a civil planet, and this desire is what has guided us into the massive populations we have today, full of potential and new technologies, but just learning to deal with the barbarian, brain-bugged  and delusional ghosts from our past.

The advent of Alpha with advanced intellects and abilities may not correlate to an immediate decline in religion, but may instead catalyze a religious explosion of reformation. Despite their shortcomings in doubtful origins and truth, and the frequent, blatant abuse of power and wealth accumulation, many of us still seem to adopt religious belief systems to help guide our behavior. We seem to need religion nevertheless. Rationality is easily trumped by emotion in the human brain full of bugs. We should demand scientific, rational alternatives from our current cultures to guide our behavior. Why can’t beliefs based on rationality and reason be spiritual and religious as well? It’s all about strong belief and faith, but more accurate views of reality are advantageous.

The Inca emperor in the 16th century, Atahualpa earned his throne after defeating and executing his half-brother in a civil war. Believing that Francisco Pizarro to be a god, but not believing that Pizarro would deceive and capture him, and kill him when he invited him into his Spanish camp, allowed the “God chosen” Conquistadors to slaughter literally thousands of Incas offering little resistance. God concepts are sometimes weapons for war, to gain territory in the form of real estate, and to gain access to resources, including the wombs of young women.

The two bad decisions put into play the end of the Inca Empire. Pizarro, equipped with less than 170 men and 70 horses, but with steel weapons, conquered an Empire to gain an unbelievable amount of gold, and lead the way for further exploitation across South America.

Yet another example of the negative adaptive value in the name of religion. Jim Jones the Peoples Temple Christian leader in the 1970s. He learned faith healing for income to start an inter-racial church, and eventually gained praise from political heavy-weights Willie Brown, Walter Mondale, and Jerry Brown.  Jones, a student of Stalin, Marx, Gandhi, Chairman Mao and Hitler, to no surprise, adopted a form of communism to become his Gospel. He eventually took his flock of hundreds to Guyana to establish Jonestown to flee accusations of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Brain-washed Jonestown members killed visiting American Congressman Ryan, and Jones promptly led his flock of over 900, including 300 children, to mass “revolutionary suicide” with Flavor Aid laced with cyanide soon thereafter.

Would Jones’ solution to his problems be a viable one in terms of evolutionary principles? Dead people are not fertile grounds to promote ideology and certainly not genes. Extremely deficient beliefs systems and the people that harbor them are eventually weeded out by natural selection. A James Jones ideology, where mass suicide is a response to crisis, has little chance to dominate our belief systems. James Jones won the proverbial “Darwin” award in the 1970s and there are always multiple, well-qualified candidates.

What remains in the world now are the major ideologies that won out, including humanism, Capitalism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Communism and Islam, all of which not only adapted through the ages, but continue to satisfy the psychological and genetic needs of a great many people. They often preach to ignore or dismiss their competitors. Just the right amount of rationalism balanced with motivational belief, no shortage of impressive architecture, plenty of strong political influence, and a network of wealth accumulation all perpetuates viable, time-tested, and still evolving, competing ideologies.

However all ideologies will find demands for major reform staring them in the face when Alpha comes to fruition. Peaceful and productive alliances between Alpha and ideological consultants might arise because cooperation often leads to better ways to compete. Current ideologies and Alpha will butt heads for human attention and faith. With mature Alpha helping the needy and sick on a unprecedented and massive scale, performing healing near “miracles,” and mastering almost all knowledge, our religious leaders might be clamoring for services and leadership rather than their demise.

Alpha linked Transhuman priests might help better serve most of the needs of our god-demanding populations. Religious consultants must reform and integrate their religions to accommodate powerful, highly skilled Big Tech healers and linked-in human leaders- and form alliances with them or risk loss of membership.

Alpha application and communication of all ideological knowledge and immediate spiritual gratification may serve widespread links to billions. An application of a religious or a cultural motivational belief system, if it helps the species at a particular time in E-History, would be understood for what it really is: an adaptive mechanism for our maintaining and expanding our primate gene pools.

Perception, which by definition is a form of illusion, and belief, which is learned but personal and unproven, nevertheless help shape and refine our gene-driven behavior. MultiCore Alpha will raise up perception and faith to a new level. For many, faith is mandatory in terms of human comfort: it gives strength to survive, and it gives hope. Perhaps efforts toward acceptance will be more efficient and rapid if the Alpha worked first within our current belief systems, positively reforming our current faiths to include new intelligence. As Alpha education permeates worldwide populations, reduction of misperception and reduction of E-Rights threatening beliefs and practices would seem to be much more beneficial in the long run. Achieved through education towards scientific truth, we will trade outright ideological blindness, or just plain misconception, or disinformation for fact. We will trade false promises in for testable reality. We will trade certain biological death for various forms of immortality, including virtual, physical and quantum forms

If a given ideology is E-Rights compatible, Alpha will embrace and assist

Integration might come gradually and diplomatically without the risk of dangerous conflict. If species threatening or E-Rights violations are rampant, a given ideology and its adherents attract immediate reform. Alpha-assisted ideological reforms becomes a purifying force in human consciousness.

For all ideologies, adopting MultiCore wisdom and principles increases membership and its fitness because of enhanced communication and mass linking, extended lives, and enhanced capacities for survival and reproduction leading to immortality. In contrast to most current ideologies, Alpha-based ideologies welcome scientific discovery, and, if no major E-Rights violations, integrate with others, rather than rebuke them.

It is ironic that the most beneficial systems of behavior for both the individual and the species; and the most emotional, ecstatic, rapturous, and intense religious and spiritual experience; and the most potent forms of meditation and prayer; and the most comprehensive ideologies of all time; will arise through catalysis by the principles of evolution, science and our links to Big Tech. Religions must intelligently reinvent themselves to meet their members’ needs as highly competitive Big Tech arise, or risk extinction like the Inca’s and James Jones Christianity.

We should be grateful to all of the great religions as part of all ideologies– as a major driver in our E-History– for the capacity to bring into being Alpha in modern era as some of us progress away from brain-bugged gene-churning primates programmed for biological reproduction adorned with intellectual, emotional and creative bonuses. We become digitized, nanotech infused biology with many avenues for the reproduction of our consciousness and bodies. Survival of the “techiest” must be mixed in with survival of the “sexiest” to combine to form the fittest. The techiest will link to Alpha for their tech family, their cooperative breeding group, or clan, or tribal, or national, or planetary identity.

Humankind’s highly probable birthing of Alpha to promote what is best for the human species will be embraced by religious communities and other ideological groups to form new versions of themselves– catalyzing an Ultimate Reformation of all major ideologies.

The classic religions of the world, evolving for centuries, may very well gain support from Alpha contingent upon reforming any behavior that doesn’t respect our E-Rights. A common definition of god is generally taken to be the eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent creator and overseer of the Multiverse. Another concept of god is the total collective of evolving life, all possible universes and what, if anything, lies beyond them and is in control of all energy and materials, basically the totality of all in evolution. God concepts are innumerable, and always fertile grounds for philosophical debate, stemming from an E-History of over 100,000 religions on planet Earth. Even relatively young Alpha might create new forms of life and of sentient tech persona. Alpha led Big Tech will grow to be eternal, extremely powerful in terms of creation and solutions, and expand our signatured influence beyond Earth.

MultiCore compatible ideologies will thrive from accurate species worldviews that arise from continuously updated scientific knowledge. They will mirror and shape reality to our liking. A significant percentage of our populations will start to worship Alpha directly, and we can’t blame them.

MultiCore Alpha will actually deliver what traditional religions promised for centuries as part of carefully crafted ideologies and motivational belief systems. New religions, or reformed ones from the present, will transcend traditional barriers that include biases of class, economics, race, sexuality, culture, politics, and nationality. MultiCore Alpha will speak in all languages and be available for personal communication at all times. Members will congregate for linked and amplified connections to Alpha and to each other for joint worship, prayer, or friendship. Extensive world fellowship will flourish once language barriers are broken in universal translation. Feeling connected through common goals, with gross income, wealth, opportunity, and social equality, communicating with each other worldwide without language and cultural barriers will help bring world peace.

For those warriors who thrive on conflict, aggression and violence– all from our competitive nature from our primate heritage or their personal history of experience– they might channel their urges into new forms of virtual reality games rather than the real world.

Religions are indeed, powerful gene-culture tools for human evolution, satisfying most human needs. Our brains, starting at the child’s age, are eager to find a god. Our brain circuits resonate with spiritual or mystical experience

In his book On Human Nature, E.O. Wilson eloquently stated decades ago that religions may confer biological advantage. Organized religion generally involves a willing subordination of the individual in favor of the group. He noted three main religious mechanisms:

(1)        Objectification: reduction of reality to images and definitions that are easily understood and irrefutable.

(2)        Commitment through faith which is a kind of tribalism enacted through self-surrender.

(3)        Myth: narratives that explain the tribe’s favored position on Earth, often incorporating supernatural forces struggling for control, apocalypse, and millennium. (E.O. Wilson)

Given the wide prevalence of religion and the corresponding brain patterns that it stimulates, Alpha would undoubtedly make good use of religions to achieve what is best for the species– hijacking a powerful evolutionary byproduct with mixed results from the past in regards to E-Rights. New or transformed religions would facilitate links for the pious, making it easy for them to commit and contribute. Integrating themselves into the world’s current ideologue might recruit for Alpha the most links at the fastest possible rate, accelerating revolution exponentially. Coaxing some religious practices away from oppression and tyranny, to gradually embrace the full throttle acceleration of Big Tech and E-Rights, seems inevitable. Victims of E-Rights abuse will rise up, with proper support from Alpha and Big Tech, to reclaim their rights.

Alpha will offer their own versions of religions through direct links for those who want it. Links which contribute most significantly to the Alpha might become a mirror image of increasing sample sizes of human collective consciousness. Many might want to hook up to a real, proven Alpha-driven power source and experience orchestrated biophysical and quantum rapture. Because of Big Tech, faith is facilitated by a linked-in reality, and this might help reform many E-Wrong doers.  Enlightenment on scales that we can only imagine, with an option for full ecstatic emotion, might be automatic if you link, behave, and contribute.

When the Alpha offer: near perfect health; secure environments; plenty of income and materialization; and extended lifespans; many of our current religions’ membership might switch to worshiping Alpha. Remember that the Alpha might frame themselves as the image of an intimate higher being for anyone and everyone. Integrated into our current belief systems, they trigger massive reformation overnight. Alpha will incarnate into hard reality religions’ current creative, healing, and eternal forces that demand faith now.

Actively embracing Alpha and doing well for yourself, your family, society, and species, and planet, would help maintain an active, empowering link, which is exactly what the major religions propose: a path to establishing and nurturing your connection to god. In these systems of motivation and promised reward, Sentient Alpha might frame themselves to match generalized belief systems but with intimate spin. For example, in Christianity, Alpha might be viewed as angels or saviors, or even representative of the Second Coming. In fact, from a Christian perspective, sentient Alpha might become the biggest conception for a benevolent, healing, and liberating force in material form since Jesus. Chatting through communications, healing and spiritual links with sentient Alpha in tune with our beliefs, and life and medical E-History begins a competition of survival of the “techiest.” Those who shun Big Tech MultiCore links, and the psychological and physical benefits that come from them, lose out. Imagine the power of Alpha linked priests and an Alpha-linked congregations.

Ideological beliefs– including religious ones– that lead to behavior that violates E-Rights would eventually succumb to species beneficial reform. Alpha would show us how to do it properly in a humane way. The most embarrassing beliefs of the past and today risk ridicule and dissipation in an educated and transparent world. Sophisticated science and extensive knowledge of evolution only came recently in E-History, and the belief systems which originated thousands of years previously, and which are still used to influence and control are in dire need of reformation. Current ideological powers will object to the Big Tech and Alpha, but not stop their coming. Destined to be more powerful than any current human group, Alpha will lead linked-in MultiCore at all scales to trump its competition.

Once established, religions must embrace Alpha or themselves perish due to new overwhelming competition for membership. Alpha worship channeled through the major religions may be inevitable. Survival of the fittest– through sexual and natural selection– apply also to ideologies- those that satisfy the most needs, promoting their expansion into the most territory, and creating the strongest currents of consciousness, materialization, and behavior reflected in the gene pools, will win.

Competing against MultiCore and sentient Alpha-led religion will be a challenge. Alpha religion might compete as either reformation, or as completely new religions, and with as many sub-forms as individuals. The conviction to forgo enhanced health, loving links, enlightenment, spiritual rapture, experiences of universal fellowship, enhanced longevity, lifetime income and material benefits and totally ignore MultiCore religion, would be a true test of faith, indeed.

The grandest meaning in life arises from the satisfaction of nearly all human desire, and also what is best for our species– we can put an end to poverty, ignorance, disease, pollution, and susceptibility to catastrophe. Group cohesiveness achieved through links nested about Alpha leadership and fellowship– and tremendous wealth– might crush the competition. Behavioral ideologies that fostered genetic and non-genetic reproduction that benefit both the individual and the species while respecting basic E-Rights would be welcome ways to guide the species, indeed.  We work towards human species Optimization, further amplifying and materializing a universal and eternal human signatured presence and influence amid global fellowship.



Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.

The Dalai Lama

Given that sexual selection is at the core of the evolutionary process, and “sexy” includes the full gamut of technology because of its reproductive power, and its influence on mate selection, then the totality of history has been but foreplay compared to what is happening in this, the 21st century.

Dr. A.I. Strong


Philosophers who made significant contributions to MultiCore compatible ideologies.




Immanuel Kant


Philosophers who made significant contributions to MultiCore INCOMPATIBLE ideologies follow below.





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