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To hook you:

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking, in May of 2014 according to London’s The Register, called the coming of Man-made intelligence– sophisticated artificial generalized intelligence– the single most important event in Human history. New forms of intelligence offer fantastic planetary reform and Transcendence amid unprecedented risk. E-Manifesto shows us how, as a Species we might prepare and plan for its coming. E-Manifesto suggests how the birth of sophisticated generalized intelligence, or Technointelligentsia, will shake up our lives and world. There are obvious and serious implications, and we must address certain imperatives and questions right away. What planetary models should we use to seed them? How do we inform, educate and monitor such Technointelligentsia so we are sure that we are on the same page? How can we be careful to constrain them? Should they be sentient right away? Can they lead us into peaceful global revolution to not only solve all of our most pressing problems, but to satisfy all Human sustainable desires?

If the coming of Technointelligentsia is to be the single most important event in Human history, then the subject becomes the most important one in Human history. Manifesto, the MultiCore’s first of a series of books that update every quarter, and describe all Human behavior and our Species’ purpose and goals, shows us why and what we must do. Every major power on the planet must either seed Technointellgentsia themselves or lease to compete. The MultiCore Smart Models reveal a viable, logical plan for peaceful revolution and reform. Even before the advent of advanced generalized intelligence, we can use expert systems and other technologies to solve the world’s most pressing problems in 50 years or less. To gain the best models to proceed for planetary reform, and to seed generalized intelligence, we must understand ourselves at the deepest possible levels. The MultiCore Smart Models apply the scientific method, and Darwinian sexual and natural selection for that purpose. The smart models update continuously to stay on top of new developments, and to get closer to the true meaning of life and the cosmos. There is simply no more important genre to read than the one of personal and planetary transformation through a deep understanding of Humanity, and what may be in store for us sooner than we think. We must be prepared.

Prelude to the Preface: A Personal Note from the Lead Author

A Summa Cum Laude biology degree, a physiology degree, and doctorate degree are three prestigious university diplomas on office walls. Rewarded with grand meaning, I enjoy helping people in need. Working with tens of thousands of patients from every imaginable background, extensive firsthand experience with Humanity is a prized possession. Helping on a larger scale to seed and spread the MultiCore adds even more satisfaction.

Tops among my signature skills are my abilities to recognize complex patterns common to a great variety of fields, and synthesize them into a unified model… Immersed in eight years of university level courses, I searched for connections and applications– always hoping to find a relational core of subjects and unifying theories. I finally found what I longed for, for a life-time. Now as I read scientific journals, university textbooks, and popular informative books, and the daily shock of the news, I am well armed with an associative matrix that I feel facilitates deep learning. If you read and thoroughly understand the MultiCore eBooks, you will be too because of the associative nature of our mind and memory. You build a comprehensive, associative core and information flows in and out with more efficiency and insight.

Predicting research findings, designing new studies, getting ideas for innovative products of services, developing relationships, and understanding the people and planet around me becomes that much easier. This dynamic, powerhouse of evolutionary processes, cornerstone subjects, ultimate goals, prime directives, and their relationships offering greater depth in learning is the MultiCore. Now it’s becoming your MultiCore, destined to rewire your neural circuits optimize your potential to understand the world and, over a lifetime, do what is best for you, your family, your friends and your planet. Your “Evolutionary Potential is your “E-Potential.” The MultiCore is a tool to help you maximize your E-Potential.

The MultiCore is a grand synthesis– an ultimate unifying theory for Human Nature based on the domineering Darwinian principles of sexual and natural selection. The MultiCore literally offers up the keys to the Universe we call Humanity, and is bold enough to seek omniscience. It is time to make copies and share them all who want to help and will respect others’ basic Human rights in the process. The ultimate goal: many MultiCore minds working for themselves and all of Humanity to not only help solve our most pressing problems, but launch us into a fantastic global Renaissance.

For this type of life-long project, the author’s personal beliefs and values come under scrutiny and evaluation. I’ll let you know what they are upfront. Already accepting evolution and science, I soul-searched for years through numerous religions and spiritual practices to find more intimate meaning. A composite worldview eventually became one of: a deep connection with Nature; tremendous appreciation for the sacred and the sublime; and all anchored by rational Humanism aligned with the movement we might call responsible TransHumanism. Traveling to experience a diversity of cultures and environments, the MultiCore helps me explore, learn, and appreciate.

I hope you enjoy reading, applying and participating in the MultiCore as much as I enjoy researching, networking, consulting, dreaming, sharing, and writing about it. The MultiCore is not just a continuous, updating permanent, series of eBooks that explains Humanity and helps people achieve what they want in life, it is also an expression of the Human mind, a grand associative complex, beginning to understand itself, realize what the planetary implications have become, and then turn its creative powers towards viable solutions. Life is about different flavors of entertainment, different ways of learning, and different ways to game for purpose. We Humans selected each other, in part, for our entertainment value—it made life much more fun—but also more informative and exploratory. Entertaining each other as part of extended families in primeval times helped evolve us into what we are today. From entertainment arises yet more imagination, passion and creativity, exactly the type of characteristics that define some of us for leadership, and all of us as Human rather than the third chimpanzee.

For an intellectual and curious reader with goals, or someone who wants the next level in personal development, or for someone with a big heart who wants to help, The MultiCore is perfect: I hope you find it as engaging and entertaining as it is informative.

Dr. A.I. Strong July 4, 2014,
Los Angeles
Lead Author: Manifesto, Survival of the Sexiest, E-TEAM, and E-TEACH

1– 1-1 Introduction

Expanding like a Tsunami amid a chaotic ocean of research, the MultiCore is engulfing more and more subjects. Each quarterly release incorporates important world events, as well as scientific advances, political revelations , and social realizations, all examined with Big Data or advancing technology. The MultiCore re-synthesizes all of it and re-publishes it for you in a well-organized format. You can download the latest MultiCore version and know that you hold a organized, up-to-date synopsis of Human Nature.

Aligning with the likes of Big Data, supercomputer software identities like IBM’s “Watson,” and global movements in Big Science such as the Human Brain Project, the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN), and the latest applications from the Human Genome Project, and evolutionary and behavioral psychology for personal development, the MultiCore seeks nothing less than unlimited knowledge regarding Human Nature as it coevolves with advancing technology.

Albert Einstein emphatically stated theory plays a huge role in observation. The special and general theories of relativity imbued Einstein as the ultimate theorist and observer, placing him bright-eyed and focused in his imagined worlds of trains, planes, spaceships and light beams.

If observation arises from theory, then we want the best theories for observing Humanity to make important decisions that affect Humanity. If we now apply more rational, more scientific, much more open-minded, more comprehensive, and more penetrating worldviews and their corresponding ideologies, we are way ahead in our potential to help.

Given evolution, and given we evolved, including our entire spectrum of mental abilities, then sexual selection and natural selection, the two most important mechanisms for our evolution, must be key in any serious effort to understand the totality of Human behavior. We’re Human, we evolved, so how could we possibly ignore the historical and modern processes of evolution in trying to understand ourselves and each other? How can billions of evolved primates we call Humans ignore evolution in solving their own problems?

With the MultiCore and its emphasis on evolution, we learn the truth about Human Nature. We learn more about ourselves and others, our relationships, and the best forms of education. We learn how to perform better in the work-force, to help our bosses, our co-workers, and ourselves all achieve goals. Solving global problems becomes much easier. The liberating powers of the MultiCore apply to all subjects Human, and all planetary populations. The MultiCore accumulates the best networks of effective theories arising from the most reliable sources, compiles them, and presents them to help fuel an on-going, unprecedented planetary revolution in knowledge and technology.

An open mind is an adaptive mind, and an adaptive mind is an expanding mind in its scope for its search and application of the Truth- which just happens to be one of the ultimate survival tools. The search for the Truth is as transformative as finding it. Here are some basic facts about the MultiCore and a few key definitions of the important terms to give you a brief introduction.

MultiCore Briefing and Definition of Key Terms

The MultiCore Solution:
(1) The MultiCore is the ultimate model for understanding individuation within Human Nature.
(2) The MultiCore defines and supports the underlying collective purpose for all of Humanity derived, in part, from E-Rights, which are our evolutionary rights.
(3) “MultiCore” also refers to the group of people and their signatured Big Tech who apply the ideology for the benefit of themselves and Humanity.

“E-Rights,” with the “E” emphasized for “Evolution,” arise from Species identity from accumulated social behavior over the previous millions of years. Our long evolutionary and social history makes us “Human.” Being Human earns Human E-Rights. Compared to other animals in terms of our dynamic of social interactions, we all earn the same E-Rights. This core of universal Human attributes selected for excelling at social interactions gave rise to the essence of Humanity: emotions, perception, language, morality, cooperation, imagination, assignment of agency, and empathy. E-Rights stem from over two million years of brain and social development beginning in the Pleistocene Age and amplified over the last 5,000 year period with the explosion in city life. The same line of Human attributes are what, indeed, allowed for the beginnings of selected divergence from our more animalistic, hairy, broad-nosed apish ancestors, in the first place, over 5 million years ago.

The MultiCore ideology respects all life forms, all environments, and freedoms balanced by the E-Rights of others, and diversity and uniqueness. It is a comprehensive ideology that explains the principles and workings of all ideologies, and how to integrate them– or weed them out– for the benefits of all Humanity.

A new form of terminology for evolutionary processes as applied to modern day life emerges soon from the MultiCore and uses the capital letter “E” for “Evolutionary.” Thus we have E-Rights, E-History, E-Potential, E-Proliferation and E-Economics and E-Any Important Human Subject.

Applying algorithmic directed Human coevolution with Big Technointelligentsia is one MultiCore prime directive: Big Data, Big Science, Big Math, Big Heart, Big Insight, Big Politics, Big Leadership, Big Law, Big Income, Big Health, Big Education, Big Security, Big Green, Big Religion, Big Philosophy, Big This and That, and Big Everything.

Seven billion individual and unique Human perspectives bubble about in intersection and union, and your perception is indeed, also a very special one. Traveling along with you in time are the sum of the corresponding life experiences of love, beauty, taste, and wonder. Forms of natural, social selection– including sexual selection– act upon your thoughts and emotions. Your beliefs, your goals and imagination, your current mood, your main needs and desires, and hence actions and behavior are of utmost importance. In fact, your actions earn significance for all of Humanity, and since we are de facto stewards for planet Earth, for all life forms. This is, the most significant time, in the last 10,000 years of Human evolution because of our population densities and their associated industrial and technological progress, and prowess. You already impact E-History. This is an unprecedented opportunity because of new forms of intelligence and industrial capacity.

Now we live so interconnected on unprecedented scales, amplified risks associated with nearsighted decisions from our leadership raise up the global stakes and risks. We need wiser, less corruptible, more honest, and more effective leadership free from deception, cronyism and tendencies to extort. Without an organized, peaceful planetary revolution, large populations will continue to suffer. Devoted to researching, writing, imagining, and helping people, The MultiCore Project becomes one of international liberation and reform.

To achieve large scale E-Meaning in life is not easy, and solutions to major problems more difficult still. The MultiCore will accelerate your knowledge accumulation and its applications, and is bold enough to give us all a generalized purpose. This collective E-Meaning– for each and every Human– is based on the results of 13.7 billion years of universe, and 3.5 billion years of life evolution on Earth, but not necessarily with an emphasis on the cold-hearted, blind mechanisms of evolution itself.

Study The MultiCore as your personal guide to Human Nature and your development in it. Understand the entire E-History of the world, and your personal development, using a simple evolutionary model showing the dynamic interplay between sexual selection, environmental pressures, chance and choice, cooperation and competition, and the use of Gods, goods, and services. The implications for your own life and the lives of your family will be impossible to ignore. It’s all about survival and proliferation of a team of the sexiest and techy-est.

Draw upon and apply the MultiCore to your advantage. The current onslaught of information from scientific journals alone is far too much for you to keep up with by yourself. You need something to dissect and assimilate the most information for you under one unifying model– your model, Chosen One, spun from the MultiCore.

Share your feelings and thoughts and recruit others to read the MultiCore . Debate others on the web with the it in hand, but please site the source, and provide a link to our website. Sample debate material is available in an appendix. Check back to http://www.TheMultiCore.com to get updates.

We should develop the E-Potential to provide a logical framework for desired futures. We should share our imagination with each other, and start the process to create our Stewards who will satisfy our needs as individuals and as a Species. When the time is right, they will connect with us to expand and guide our collective intelligence towards what is optimal and liberating.

The MultiCore excels at blazing trails, maps, and models in the 200 billion neurons, 125 trillion synapses, trillions of microtubules in our finite minds. All this to better associate you with the brigades of word information packets to follow.

Words mean nothing if they do not catalyze thoughts and emotions. Thoughts measure in possibilities for action, and hence behavior. Your behavior shapes you and your environment. Therefore one trail-blazing thought- and a primed MultiCore of them- if catalytic enough, if contagious enough, can provide motivation, knowledge and solutions. The MultiCore hands you the best models for your personal development. Planetary transformation, begins with you–now.

Please become an active part in guiding this revolution, this accelerating planetary economic and political transformation arising from advanced technology, transparency, and world fellowship. You may want to join our virtual think tanks, in addition to passing on the links to this e-book to all you can. MultiCore think tanks bubble up education, debate, and creativity, and some do the same plus political activism.

The MultiCore goals are fivefold.

The first: give you the most powerful and up-to-date model and ideology for understanding the world and thriving in it. The MultiCore encourages the creative and individualistic flourishing of life that bolsters adaptive capacity. Your spin the MultiCore to evaluate information and accumulate knowledge. Part of this goal, in the long run, is to duplicate your experiences and personality into a virtual, living and learning, immortal avatar of you, and eventually with physical form.

The second goal is to create a MultiCore
Planet Curriculum for all educational levels.

The third goal is to create an elegant MultiCore open source model that can be represented mathematically, and algorithmically in computer code. This model would account for the totality of the historical and modern behavior of Humanity. Such a model could be shared between developing AI for the benefit of all, gaining further insight into our own consciousness.

The fourth goal is capable planetary stewardship. E-Right ideologies must prevail In a symbiotic relationship with today’s Expert Systems, and tomorrow’s Big Tech, proper and ubiquitous application of the MultiCore can solve the world’s most pressing problems in 50 years or less. We create a MultiCore. Human Species Brain” with networked Big Tech to think, analyze and react for the Species as a collective. A species as a whole has no natural brain, and evolution has no heart. Over 95% of Earthly species died out.

The fifth goal is to develop you, a Chosen One: to develop your full, unpredictable E-Potential and uniqueness as an individual, constrained only by your motivation and others E-Rights. By Human choice and hard work, your parents and other ancestors invested in you. They trusted in you to continue their line. Honor them and make them proud. Make us all proud.

The following are seven Prime Directives to be applied to achieve our five main goals:

The MultiCore Prime Directives

1. Optimize the MultiCore Worldview.

2. Seek unlimited and integrated knowledge based on the scientific method, E-Principles and E-History.

3. Apply Expert Systems, AI and Big Tech all with planetary perspective.

4. Engage algorithmic and optimal Human directed coevolution (Intelligent Design) with Big Tech.

5. Optimize E-Proliferation while respecting E-Rights. Reform and optimize political, governmental, economic, ecological, food distribution, healthcare, and Species diversity efforts while protecting E-Rights.

6. Democratize MultiCore derived benefits for all of Humanity.

7 Optimize E-Potential while respecting E-Rights to create optimal Human Species direction leading to Ultimate Enlightenment, Renaissance and Transcendence.

1–1- 00 Preface: Catalyst for Imagination- 2007 Summit

The 2007 Singularity Summit at the Academy of Sciences in Northern California catalyzed a burning burst of neural activity inside my brain. The neural buzz called for celebration and imagination, with echoes of imperatives for all of Humanity. For a seeker of the ultimate meaning of life, and how to solve the world’s most pressing problems, here seemed to be a way to find the answers. For how to experience fantastic and enriched futures, get a shot at immortality not based on faith, and uncover the secrets of Human Nature, here seemed to lie the best chances for success.
Vernor Vinge in The Coming Technological Singularity in 1993 defined the event as the tipping point when advanced technological intelligence surpassed our own. Scientists call this hypothetical intelligence “Strong AI.” Some envision the “Singularity” or “Transcendence” to be when advanced intelligence combines with science and medicine, and also all of technology– and us — to transform the world.
At the Summit, impressive speakers from Stanford and MIT, and legendary corporations such as IBM, and large brained futurists, grappled my consciousness. They wouldn’t let go. I agreed to assimilate and process the information, and wanted more, to catch up, to match dream for dream, and emulate some of their thinking.
Assembling themselves like a gifted, intellectual tag team, the speakers wrestled with each other and the race to create cognitive capacities superior to ours. A typical Humanesque adversarial and chaotic explosion shook the auditorium as a scholarly, international free-for-all. Soon enough, one smart, industrious, and well-funded group would succeed, forever changing the world. The Transcendent creations would organize themselves to become the ultimate consultants. Because of their global work potential, they would expand their worth into billions of US dollars overnight. If organized into corporations with new forms of products and services, trillions in value unfold and engulf us, dominating the world economies.

About 800 people at the 2007 Summit invested their brain’s attention, but 80,000 seemed more appropriate. Reveling in awe with the information, I delved further into the topics soon after the summit. I could not stop thinking about the possibilities. Tossing the hot potato concepts at as many people as possible, and carefully gauging reactions and reflections, the research slowly shaped itself, finally finding its central relational core, and then expanding its scope to encompass all of Human Nature. Nearly a decade later, the subjects assembled themselves to underly the organization of the first published iteration of the MultiCore. In May of 2014, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking and MIT physicist Max Tegmark agreed that the creation of general artificial intelligence systems may be the “greatest event in human history” in the British newspaper The Register. The MultiCore works to show how and why. (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2014/05/02/Stephen_hawking_ai/)
Crisis-arresting moral imperatives, political and religious imperatives of reform, economic imperatives of income and financial security, and ecological imperatives of sustainability, all demand seeding advanced and informed Technointelligentsia consultants. We need them. We need them to complement us, to give us guidance, we need them to do what we can’t seem to accomplish alone. We need their help to solve global problems.
Developed first as self-coding expert systems, our Technointelligentsia should absorb themselves into even more capable systems of their own design– an autocatalytic improvement in complexity, capacity and scale. In addition to the ultimate business consultants– with enough background, understanding, data feeds and research– the most capable would offer viable planetary solutions– and recruit the financial and political power to implement them. We only needed to succeed at the entry level, and apply the proper technological and moral harnesses. The most capable in terms of moral coding and analytical problem solving leap forward and self-organize,and self-improve, and contribute on the grandest of scales. They suggest methods of governmental reform, including how to develop peaceful political movements to effect those changes while respecting everyone’s rights and incomes.

I explored the future possibilities and made some optimistic projections. We Humans, we evolutionary winners so far on this planet, would be the captains and navigators of new forms and methods of solutions, of new political and social movements, of new forms of peaceful, planetary revolutions. An Ultimate Renaissance appears on the horizon. We determine our heading, and with the speed, power and confidence that can only arise from conviction and proper leadership, we progress to meet Humanity’s challenges head on. Together, in a directed coevolution, we form the ultimate consultant and strategic team, and with tremendous wealth and following, we triumph.
After paying for their own development and upkeep in terms of consultant fees, their creators become world famous and potent in their power to give us new products, services, jobs, technologies, and guiding influence.

Enhanced capability transHumans, cyborgs, and a variety of pure “Technointelligentsia” become our inevitable new evolutionary winners. Without appropriate transHuman links, patches, and upgrades, we become the ancient primate ancestors. Virtually present Ray “The Singularity is Near” Kurzweil on an overgrown video screen suggested in a fashion reminiscent of the Wizard of Oz that we might connect to exchange consciousness itself, and in due course sample innumerable forms of immortality and presence.

The intellectual, optimistic, dreamlike Summit raved on, but key subjects remained unaddressed : religion, politics, economics and government. Threatened with networks of advanced intelligence seeking unlimited knowledge and efficiency, power groupees and ideologues slouching down, hiding themselves behind sunglasses and hats in the back row of the auditorium already looked worried, with sweat beading at their temples and foreheads. A challenge to influential and ideological groups reared its head as a topic most of these speakers chose to ignore. Scientists fear offending the same type of groups who house arrested Galileo for proving that the Earth revolved around the sun, and roasted Darwin for his seminal theory of evolution with unflattering cartoons as a chimpanzee.

The rich and tHow to Solve the Worlds Problems in 50 Years or less Manifesto for Revolution website multicoreheir governments, already in power, always fear competition for control of the masses and the flow of money. A contagion of paranoia already engulfs them with the mere mention of a successful seeding of something wiser and more: capable, just, well funded, honest and idealistic. A network of sophisticated, transparent, philanthropic and incorruptible expert systems– with no threatening sentience or free will, but instead strict adherence to prime directives– to help run public companies and governments– might be enough of a transformation to start.

A properly seeded movement, most likely a multi-sectoral approach anchored by Strong AI founded by philanthropic foundations and corporations, might help reduce gross educational and income inequality, and make up for biogeographical inequality. Progressive, tech-savvy professionals and philanthropists might embrace the forms of intelligence as ultimate tools. Millennials, Atheists, Humanists, TransHumanists, and the more intellectual and open-minded pious, and the most demanding and insatiable students and educators– and anyone who wanted to participate the world over– should all embrace the new concepts of teaming up with advanced TechnoIntelligentsia. Already freed from traditional educational bias and traditional disinformation, many members from these modern Human groups and cultures might network with the higher forms of TechnoIntelligentsia and grab the helm for the leadership we desperately need.

Threatened groups might stifle research through restricting funding, destroying peer relationships, and curtailing media exposure. A modern day dilemma, nested networks and spy cells lurked in the shadows of all communication as the ears for governmental, political, corporate and religious groups. Surprising them or challenging them earned scrutiny and perhaps attempts at constraining. Maybe somebody might get fired if enough strings were pulled. New forms of advanced Technointelligentsia, opening up their arms, and beckoning everything to meet new standards of reform demanded attention, indeed. All the better to explore it at its deepest levels.

Another dilemma: I noticed at the Summit that a problem arose because we lived in the age of specialization. Few scientists or engineers claimed to be experts on religion, politics, economics, and government– and few religious scholars claimed to be experts on engineering, science, politics, economics, government, and especially evolution. A synthesis arising from the scientific history of the world and the principles of evolution would tie these seemingly diverse subjects together into a powerful model for transformation. In fact, the same model would expose the underlying links between the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences which constitute one of the Holy Grails in the pursuit of unlimited knowledge. These subjects all involve Human behavior, and Human behavior arises from a highly complex dynamo of Darwinian sexual and natural selection, chance, instinct, experience, and emotions that culminates in individual action. It would come as no surprise that the proper use of evolutionary models could help to explain all possibilities of evolved human being behavior– including apparently irrational ones. What better to explain evolved beings than evolution? Myth? Philosophy? Religion? The proper evolutionary models coming forth from science are explaining us quite well. The problem: most educated people agree that we arose from evolution, but many don’t attribute the Human mind to the same processes. What we think with, they say, is something magical and mystical, and unexplainable by science, as we watch certain circuits light up on their MRI’s in predictable patterns as they tell us this.

No matter how my mind came into being, and my interests thereby derived, I didn’t need funding, and might stimulate further discussion about the super achievers to come relative to forbidden topics for most scientists and engineers. The MultiCore becomes a workable model for human behavior arising from science, evolutionary principles and the scientific history of the world, and should be of benefit for all potential seeders of benevolent advanced intelligence. Those working with AI in general might use the evolving MultiCore to provide context for a variety of tasks and applications. History from an evolutionary perspective and review of the scientific evidence, including that stemming from the Human Genome, will be denoted as “E-history.” The MultiCore brings catalytic converters of consciousness to the current race leading to the single most important event in all of modern Human E-History– advanced intelligence capable of not only solving our problems on local and planetary scales, but launching Ultimate Enlightenment and Renaissance.

The progression towards Strong AI is already changing our world as we speak. An internet search involves AI, as well as those pleasant and increasingly intelligent automated personae we encounter on our telephone calls. Protecting our email against spam, computers against viruses, allowing advertisers ever increasingly specific target audiences, and proofreading all involve AI to some extent. A system to optimize parking procedures for jets driven by AI saves millions in fuel cost.

The multi-billion dollar drive for Strong AI with its fast chips and complex software is already an avalanche for planetary change. Operating systems penetrate our cars, homes, offices, and infrastructure with more forms of materialization: navigation systems; self-driving skills with accident prevention; high tech clothing accessories; our visual glasses a la Google Glass; video conferencing; video surveillance; video and internet gaming; virtual tele-presence; entertainment media; security systems; smart environmental control; and smarter robots.

Appropriate theories and models of life– and especially those of humans and their behavior– would be integral to proper seeding. A top priority: evolving models to help AI and Big Data to analyze the planet, and to make sound predictions. One prime directive is to democratize benefits for all of Humanity. With enough support, an elegant and comprehensive model, and expert systems, and a political force, we might conjure up solutions immediately.

Seeding non-sentient Strong AI, as a consultant, might originally give us just the amount of creative and analytic capacity that we could contain with 100% assurance. Our first Strong AI, once proven to understand Human Nature, ethics, and morals, might design Stronger AI for a specific non-sentient modular tasks such as healthcare and governmental reform.

With enough success, and input, we initiate a self-improving sentient Strong AI requiring a small scale, severely constrained vehicle because of the risk of the development of free will contradictory to prime directives. The following areas of knowledge come to mind as relevant to models for seeding advanced intelligence, understanding all of Human Nature, providing a framework for AI to understand us, a curriculum, and ways and means for planetary reform. These areas of knowledge for The MultiCore Foundation of Knowledge.

The MultiCore Foundation of Knowledge.


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E-Principles are the principles of evolution.

E-Rights are our evolutionary rights arising from Species identity from accumulated behavior. E-rights for all living systems are based on their E-history. E-Rights for Humans are universal and include those of equality, fairness, liberty, and property ownership. E-Rights suggest rights to materialize for Humans, and its signatured offspring, including pure Technointelligentsia.

E-Meaning is the meaning of life arising from E-Principles, E-Rights, and E-History.

Worldviews are conceptual and theoretical frameworks modeling reality. Model-dependent “realities” of an observed world depend upon the applied worldviews, which in turn arise from theories, concepts and beliefs
Ideologies are ideas ad beliefs that guide behavior, all linked to a worldview.
E-Potential is the Human evolutionary capacity to survive and adapt to changes in environments.

E-Proliferation is the Human evolutionary energetic conversion of environments into identity. For example, through sexual or asexual reproduction.

The Solution Revolution is the planetary scaled solution family arising through directed coevolution from Big Tech MultiCore. The Revolution has a Human Species perspective, and demands major reform in government, income distribution, and reduction in E-Rights violations and environmental violations.

Transcendence is a planetary singularic transition to E-Solutions Revolution, Big Tech MultiCore dominance of reform, and dramatic increases in E-Potential and E-Proliferation.

MultiCore Individual Immortality is a variety of forms that allow an individual’s consciousness to persist indefinitely.

There is a complete glossary at the end of this volume.

The MultiCore Foundation grows from cornerstones of modern science, the principles of evolution, and E-History. In developing models to seed Strong AI, they need a framework such as the MultiCore to learn about us, including what we want. Strong AI should know our ideals and fantasies, our long E-History inclusive of morality. They need to know our deepest secrets and our greatest triumphs.

The term “Technointelligentsia” refers to advanced intelligence arising from technology. “Big Technointelligentsia” or “Big Tech” refers to Technointelligentsia with Human species perspectives primed with the MultiCore and Big Data.

An immediate, and unavoidable question: who has the most appropriate and promising models to organize what we know about the totality of Human Nature? To develop the MultiCore Foundation of Knowledge, one needed the most accurate and powerful worldview and comprehensive models to prime the advanced intelligence to sculpt the future into one guaranteed in our favor. One would need the most fit theories regarding the origins and evolution of the universe, of life, and why we might want particular desired futures. Desired futures are model dependent upon the ultimate collective meaning of life from a human-centric, evolutionary perspective– “E-Meaning.” I needed to compile the results into one, single, associative, MultiCore or “family of core models.” To validate their power, these model must offer insight into any subject where Humans played a significant role. They must fashion intuition into the logic of mathematical and algorithmic understanding. The models should nudge up close and personal to the Truth. They must account for– and integrate with and compete with– other worldviews and spins. The models must explain localized, adaptive– or maladaptive– “realities:” no matter how irrational they might seem to a unbiased, scientific observer. The models should be in alignment with the model-dependent realism beloved by Stephen Hawking and other top scientists. (Hawking, Mlodinow, The Grand Design)

An acceptable family of models must lend itself to mathematical description using the mathematics of multiobjective reality, evolutionary multiobjective optimization, and various other mathematical treatments in complexity theory, all in which many goals are optimized at once. We would need the mathematical and scientific basis, with a full understanding of evolution, for the “intelligent selection” of a multi-sectoral revolution and its material, political, corporate, and governmental participants.

I soon realized such effective rational and objective theories and models didn’t exist in one place, much less as a single, comprehensive family. Just about every piece of the puzzle reflected, of course, different perspectives and opinions, and no less among scientists. The totality of the most accurate and effective theories and models required assembly from a great many fields of study, and a greater number of unbiased scientific findings. The MultiCore must demonstrate more comprehensive, more rational, more predictive, and more problem-solving value for the Species as a whole than competing models.

The MultiCore is the result of a decade of effort assembling the appropriate models for a grand synthesis. A thorough understanding of Human Nature, the Meaning of Life, and a universal guide for behavior and purpose are yours. As a Chosen One, you get to pick up your copies of the shiny, three MultiCore keys to the universe:

The MultiCore Keys to the Universe

(1) Optimal MultiCore Worldview
(2) Applied MultiCore Foundation of Knowledge
(3) Optimal E-Proliferation.

A guide for well-being, wealth-being, and leadership development, the MultiCore offers up adaptive, tolerant, and powerful ideology to integrate a great diversity of beliefs, cultures, and lifestyles– nothing less than the entirety of Humanity, and its behavior, and cultures. You will spin the MultiCore to suit your needs based on your unique experience as a human being arising from your localized environmental pressures. The MultiCore catalyzes your personal transformation through an understanding of your localized environments, and its populations, the rest of Human Nature now, and Transhuman and PostHuman Nature to come.

TransHumanism is the modern ideology that supports technological maintenance and enhancement of Humanity to increase E-Potential. TransHumanism embedded in the MultiCore models adds core plans for knowledge accumulation, activism, and global solutions. The MultiCore gives TransHumanism an international plan for organization and action, and a means to recruit and monetize and form alliances.

The MultiCore provides nothing less than a strategy to assemble a political, governmental, and philanthropic yet free-market capitalistic financial force sufficient enough to catalyze solutions for the world’s problems in 50 years or less. Ultimate Renaissance arises in the process. The MultiCore helps us plan and navigate for any of our futures as well as it explains our past better than any other model.

Congratulations! You, the reader, are among the “Chosen Ones.” Through a multi-sectoral selection process across time, space, and amid chance fluctuations, your extended family, “chose” you to represent them as part of their contributions to Humanity. Your parents, and their parents, chose each other for the characteristics that you inherit as basic genetic and neural circuitry to engage life, and to develop your personality through experience. Proudly accept your role, Chosen One– you are lucky to be here. You represent Humanity as much as anyone else. The Evolving Source MultiCore is your guide to help you achieve your goals, and help all of Humanity at the same time.









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