The MultiCore Prime Directives

1. Continuously research, update, and optimize the MultiCore Worldview.

2. Seek unlimited and integrated knowledge based on the scientific method, E-Principles and E-History. E-Principles are the principles and mechanics of evolution or intelligent selection. E-History is the history of the world derived from science rather than biased anecdotes.

3. Apply Expert Systems, AI and Big Tech, all with planetary perspective.

4. Launch optimal Human directed coevolution (Intelligent Selection and Design) with Big Tech.

5. Optimize E-Proliferation while respecting E-Rights. Reform and optimize political, governmental, economic, ecological, food distribution, healthcare, and Species diversity efforts while protecting E-Rights.

6. Democratize MultiCore derived benefits for all of Humanity.

7 Optimize E-Potential while respecting E-Rights to create optimal Human Species direction leading to Ultimate Enlightenment, Renaissance and Transcendence.


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